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Videos in Articles

Placing Videos in articles or Video gallery Basics:

Please note that where you see brackets "[]" in the below examples, please replace with curly brackets "{}" for effects to take place.

You Tube Video Embed

You Tube videos can be embedded by simply applying their ID number found in their specific URL or share-code to the syntax below pasted in articles. Same method applies to Vimeo videos.

Basic Youtube video embed


This will automaticall size the video to the video gallery size

Sized Youtube video embed


This is the syntax for embedding the youtube video with specific dimensions (example shows width 590, height 344)

Vimeo Video Embed

Same methods used as described above, except replacing the "youtube" with "vimeo"

ex. [vimeo]sCO_9iMpTok[/vimeo]

Other Video Embedd

Other video embedd methods are available, please ask for further specifications.