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Selective Milling Technology™

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ICM’s Selective Milling Technology™ increases plant efficiency while maintaining throughput. The benefits of our system include:

Ethanol yield increase – ICM studies have demonstrated consistent increases in ethanol production levels resulting in up to $4.5 million increases in annualized revenues.

Reduced enzyme use – More available starch provides opportunity for more efficient enzyme use.

Decreased centrifuge and dryer load –The Selective Milling process makes more starch available for fermenting. This not only removes load from centrifuges and dryers, it also has the potential to increase the bulk density of your DDGS, resulting in more weight (product) per railcar or trailer.

Platform technology investment – ICM's Selective Milling Technology™ offers tremendous value in itself, but it’s also the only system that positions your plant for the next technological innovation to come. ICM has plans beyond Selective Milling, and we are happy to share this information with interested customers.

For more information on Selective Milling Technology™, download:

Selective Milling Technology™, 1.3mb