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Molecular Sieve Laterals

ICM engineers developed our Molecular Sieve internal upgrade package to simplify plant operation and to provide your plant with an array of benefits.

  • Simplified bead addition requiring no down time
  • Increased safety – elimination of bed upsets and top screen upsets
  • Reduced bead attrition rate through longer cycles and less bead crushing
  • Fewer annual equipment cycles resulting in less valve wear and reduced maintenance costs
  • Extension of sieve bottle lifespan through longer cycle times
  • Potential dehydration capacity increase without the incorporation of additional vessels
  • Process cycle reduction for reduced steam usage and reduced natural gas energy costsMole Sieve OLD vs NEW
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to less dusting and bead migration during regen

If your molecular sieves are not pressure limited, this upgrade may also increase the quantity of ethanol produced and increase the production rate of the plant.

Proven, affordable technology

Designed by ICM engineers with the same know-how that went into every ICM-designed plant, and manufactured in-house for consistent and reliable quality control, our upgrade package includes three main components:

  • Sieve bottle distribution system
  • Online sieve bead addition system with additional beads
  • Isolation hand valves

The entire system can be delivered and installed in as little as 3 weeks.