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Fiber Separation Technology™ / Fiber Separation Technology Next Gen™

Fiber Separation Technology Next Gen™ (FST Next Gen™) is the next layer of ICM technology following Selective Milling Technology V2™. This progressive pre-fermentation separation system is designed to remove fiber prior to fermentation. Removing the fiber provides plants with the ability to concentrate process streams and to better utilize the capacities of fermentation and distillation. With this patented process, plants are able to maximize throughput.

Enhanced Capabilities or FST™ / FST Next Gen™

  • Significantly increase plant production rates.*
  • Significantly increase distiller’s oil production rates.*
  • Provide the ability to control quantity and quality of materials separated based on its flexible system.
  • Provide coproduct options for plants including high fiber or high protein distiller’s grains options with diversified market opportunities.
  • Reduce natural gas usage.
  • New counter-flow displacement wash upgrade (FST Next Gen™)
  • New simplified press design (FST Next Gen™)
  • Nearly 50% reduction in connected horsepower (FST Next Gen™ vs FST™)


Benefits of FST™ / FST Next Gen™

  • Provide up to 15% in throughput increase
  • Increase up to 25% oil production increase
  • Control process streams 
  • Produce high protein/high energy feed products
  • More efficient use of inputs per gallon produced 
  • Platform for additional value from Gen 1.5 cellulosic ethanol Patented technology


Fiber Separation Technology™ and Fiber Separation Technology Next Gen™ 1.3mb