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Base Tricanter System™

BTS™ Maximizes Recovery Efficiency
ICM’s Base Tricanter System™ (BTS™) has been demonstrated as the most superior mechanical oil recovery system on the market.
An average 110 MMGY (416.40 MMLY) ICM-designed plant with
no current oil recovery system could expect to add more than $7.4 million* to their annual gross margin after installing the BTS™.

Benefits of BTS™
• Ease of operation 

• More uptime
• High yield 
• Rapid Return On Investment

Enhanced Capabilities
• Depending on your proximity to end users, the recovered oil can be marketed as either a feed additive or a biodiesel feedstock.** 

• Reduced solids debris and decreased free fatty acid (FFA) content make the oil from ICM’s BTS™ an ideal product for biodiesel production — earning you a premium price over other forms of yellow grease in some markets. 
• DDGS value and marketability remains unchanged with ICM’s BTS™, because selling non-food-grade corn oil as a separate, higher-value product still allows a remaining fat content in DDGS above 8.5% and provides a pro-fat content in excess of 35%.***

Base Tricanter System™