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Menu Items Help

Menu Items

1.From the Backend Control panel Select Either the Quick-launch "menu manager" icon, or from the top menu select: Menus >> Menu Manager

ICM admin controlpanel-menus

2.From the Menu manager you will see all of the available active menus on the site.

3.Click the name of the menu you would like to edit or add-to.

ICM admin menus-main

4.From there the menu items are listed out on the left with sub menu items indented where appropriate.

ICM admin menus-items

5.To edit an active menu item click on its name, to create a new menu item, click the "New" Button on the top right.

Also, from the menu view, you can rearrange the menu items positions with the up/down arrows.

Menu Items Settings

From the individual Menu item page you can enter/adjust the available settings on the left. The mandatory items are indicated with an "*".
They include:

ICM admin menus-indv

Menu Item type* (if already assigned leave as is)

Menu Title* (Assign What name is to appear in the menu)

Menu Location* (should be the menu you selected if steps were performed correctly)

Other Important attributes:

Status (defines if the new menu item is published or unpublished)

Access (defines if the new menu item is visible to public or registered viewers)

Parent Item ( defines if the new menu item is on the main menu level or a sub menu level of another item)

Right Side Settings:

These settings control the attributes of the specific menu item type (ex. Single Article: Selects the Specific article to be displayed)