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Global Awareness

Having a passion to care for people shouldn’t end in our own backyard. This is why ICM provides continued support for both local and international humanitarian efforts.

Orphans Unlimited

ICM employees support Orphans Unlimited, a mission organization which reaches out to widows and orphans in poverty-stricken Mozambique. This organization provides water to villages and trains local women to grow and utilize medicinal plants that will decrease the death rate of mothers and children.

ICM employees provide clean drinking water through the installation of public water wells. Traditional wells in these villages are hand-dug, and many have gone dry. Villagers walk up to 10 miles one way to get five gallons of water. It’s an all-day process, as the lines are long at these water wells during the six months of the dry season, which occurs from April to November.

To learn more about Orphans Unlimited, via their website at: http://orphansunlimited.org

Cleanstar Mozambique

ICM, Inc. is proud to be a part of the CleanStar Mozambique project – a partnership with Novozymes and CleanStar Ventures. This project helps protect forests, produce food, deliver energy, reduce air pollution and enrich lives. The vision of CleanStar Mozambique is to implement sustainable farming practices for smallholder farmers, and to integrate a food and energy production facility that will result in the improved health and economy of the people of Mozambique.

For the families of that region, the cassava-based ethanol plant in Mozambique provides clean-burning fuel that is safer and cleaner than the expensive and inefficient charcoal that has been used in the past.

For more information, download the press release below or watch the CleanStar Mozambique video below.

>> ICM Designs Cassava Ethanol Plant in Mozambique, 250 kb