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Invite Template Help Part 1

An Invitation or RSVP page that uses a custom site template can be created utilizing the Form component, adding a menu item, and then puting the peices together. Further customization can also be accomplished an things like a custom background will be covered in Part 2.

Starting with the Form

Start with creating a form by refering to the basic form creation options and setup described in the forms help section. FORMS HELP LINK. Save and close the form. Copy the Form name and proceed to the next step

Article for the Form

Next we need to create an article to display the form. Click the "New" article button and Name the article appropraitely (this will eventually be the ending text for URL link).

Assign the Article to the "Invitations" category

Insert the form using the forms display syntax: [ BreezingForms : YourFormName ]

Please note that where you see brackets "[]" in the below examples, please replace with curly brackets "{}" for effects to take place.

Add any pre or ending text if needed for contact details.

On the right side you will see a "Images and links" tab. Open the tab and if needed select a header image for the "Full article image" feild.

Save and close the article

Page for the Form

From the menu manager select the RSVP and Signups menu.

Once open Select "NEW".

On the left under "Menu Item Type" click Select and in the popup, under articles, select "Single Article".

Name the Menu item Title Accordingly

Under "Template Style" select "idc_custom_vanilla-Default"
(this will strip the normal site styles, header, etc for our invitation page)

On the right side under the "Required Settings" tab click the select button and find/select your form article.

Save and Close your new menu item.

View your page

While Logged in in the frontend, Click the "Recent" Link from the Top panel admin menu.

On the left side you will see a list of RSVP and Announcements. Your newly created form should appear in the list. Click on the link to view it and obtain the URL.