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In The Community

Union Rescure Mission

The lives of the homeless in Wichita would be different.

Because of ICM's support, the Union Rescue Mission operates New Beginnings, a branch program that not only offers 140 men a place to sleep, shower, and enjoy a hot meal every night, it also provides the intense supervision, Bible study, and life skills training that supports their transition and success.

Young Life

The lives of young adults in Wichita would be different.

Because of ICM's support, Young life, an organization that focuses on providing fellowship opportunities for young people, sharing life together, benefiting from Christian instruction, and have the opportunity to learn and grow together through mentorship and mutual support.

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Salvation Army's Angel Tree

The lives of kids in Wichita would be different.

Because ICM supports the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. Through the generous hearts of ICM’s employees, less fortunate children in the Wichita area are given gifts at Christmas in an effort to share the joy of the Christmas season.

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The lives of orphans and widows in Mozambique, Africa would be different.

Because of ICM's support, more than 2,000 orphans are provided with proper nutrition and care through a unique program where widows and orphans, in their own areas, are placed together and are given enough seed for growing rice, beans, and peanuts to keep them healthy and growing.

Learn the latest news about Orphans Unlimited: http://www.orphansunlimited.org/blog/    

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  Orphans Unlimited 









The lives of the impoverished struggling in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya would be different.

Because of ICM's support, a Catholic missionary named Father Ted now ministers to more than 50 of them, one-on-one. From a young single mother who needs food for her baby, to a young man who is interested in entering the seminary, to groups of youth who gather at his home to fellowship and learn, he is working to prevent another generation of slum dwellers in Kenya — one life at a time.


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The lives of the underprivileged in India would be different.

Because of ICM's support, people in need now attend Life Centers — special places that are utilized as health clinics, childcare centers, sewing clubs, and more during the week. On the weekend they serve as places of worship, ministering to the spiritual needs of the communities they serve.


India Gospel League


The Energy of Innovation

ICM is a company on the leading edge of an exciting industry—one dedicated to realizing every benefit of biofuels technology. Our equipment and processes are already used in the majority of U.S. ethanol plants, and we continue to develop processes to make ethanol production more efficient for our customers. ICM has also pioneered technology in power plants and grain processing facilities outside the ethanol industry, using our know-how to improve efficiencies across the entire biofuels spectrum—not just in the U.S., but around the globe.