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Precision Combustion Control

ICM’s Precision Combustion Control System precisely meters the fuel/air ratio, enhancing both plant safety and energy efficiency.

The Precision Combustion Control System allows combustion air flow to lead gas flow (increase first) when there is a demand increase, and to lag gas flow (decrease last) when there is a demand decrease. This provides excess air during times of transition for added safety. Our system represents the “gold standard” for combustion control and is the ISA (International Society for Automation) recommended design.

Safety first

If a failure occurs in the system and there is not adequate air to burn all the fuel, smoke is produced. Our industry-leading opacity meter measures smoke at levels hardly visible to the human eye, so it can quickly detect the problem and close the gas valves, preventing possible explosion. The meter is also installed downstream of the economizer coils.

Pays for itself

Studies conducted at 10 different ICM-designed plants representing a range of sizes confirmed a return on investment in as little as 6-12 months with the ICM Precision Combustion Control System.