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Image Basics

Basic Image Sizes and Best Practices

Images and media files can be uploaded in many ways to suite your needs, however their are 2 basic methods.

1. Uploading via the media manager
The media manager can be accessed from the top menu: Content >> Media Manager
or via the quicklink media manager from the admin control panel

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2. Uploading via the image editor within articles
From the editor tools within an article, select the image icon (tool-tip: Insert/Edit image). From there you have the option to insert images already on the server via the file browser in the lower half, or upload files to include by first selecting teh appropriate folder destination an then clicking the "upload" button (center-right).

ICM admin art-mediamanager

Please size and optimize your photos before uploading to the website using a photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop or Free online alternatives like PIXLR. This will help avoid any sizing issues as well as maintain an optimum site speed. if you need any help optimizing images please feel free to let us know and we would gladly export them for you.

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In-Articles Images:

Size: Max width= 590px, Height variable