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ICM's Bio-Methanators methane digestion systems can reduce a facility's carbon footprint, reduce wastewater discharge and disposal, and reduce energy use and water consumption.

Our systems are ideally suited for retrofit into existing food and beverage, ethanol production, and dairy production facilities. Skid-mounted modules are fabricated in our facility, and delivered to your site ready for installation and piping. These systems are designed for compact footprint, high waste-to-energy conversion, short lead times, and competitive price.

ICM Bio-Methanators remove organic compounds from process water, turning them into methane gas that can be captured and routed to your boilers as a supplemental fuel source, or it can be utilized for combined heat and power generation, reducing energy costs. And in many cases, treated water can be recycled back through the production process.

Our solutions include:

  • Anaerobic Bio-Methanation Wastewater Treatment
  • Aerobic Systems
  • Filtration Units
  • Odor/VOC Reduction
  • Bio-gas Scrubbers
  • Ancillary Systems

Learn more about how our Waste-to-Energy solution can help your facility save money while conserving resources by calling our Methanator Services team at 316-796-0900.