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ICM considers investment to create technology showcase plant



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ICM considers investment to create technology showcase plant

(Colwich, Kan. — November 10, 2016)  ICM, Inc., the leader in biofuels technology, is pleased to announce today that the company commenced a process to explore the feasibility of revitalizing the recently purchased Abengoa Bioenergy plant in Colwich, KS to a larger scale state-of-the-art energy efficient biorefinery plant. If it proceeds, the plant will encompass all of ICM's latest technology innovations with the goal to have one of the lowest carbon indexes of any grain ethanol plant in the world. This venture would be a showplace that ICM's global customers can visit.

The process for building the plant will require the raising of additional capital, as well as procuring engineering studies and acquiring the necessary permits, licenses and consents to proceed. This assessment process is currently being undertaken by ICM.

In making this announcement, ICM's CEO, Dave VanderGriend stated, "We continue to focus our efforts on developing solutions that will bridge grain-based facilities of today to the cellulosic facilities we envision in the future. Sustainable agriculture is a key part of ICM's mission and this plant will provide an added market for corn and sorghum in the local market while also producing high quality distillers grains for animal feed and corn oil." VanderGriend went on to say, "We strongly support ethanol as a clean burning high octane fuel that reduces emissions and improves the air we breathe."

This project would be a boon to the local Colwich economy bringing in around an additional 50 new jobs, as well as numerous indirect jobs and significant construction employment. "We are assessing this opportunity to build a new plant next to our headquarters in Colwich. It will require working closely with the community and stakeholders to bring this concept to a reality," stated Chris Mitchell, president of ICM.

ICM has pioneered technologies for corn ethanol such as Selective Milling Technology™ and Fiber Separation Technology™ and these technologies, along with several new technologies under development would be included into this showcase plant. "Our desire is for this to serve as a demonstration of the next generation of ethanol plants. We see this as an important opportunity to showcase our advanced technologies in one spot that brings both financial and environmental benefits," stated Steve Hartig, vice president of technology development at ICM.


About ICM, Inc.

Established in 1995 and headquartered in Colwich, Kan., ICM, Inc., provides innovative technologies, solutions, and services to sustain agriculture and advance renewable energy, including food and feed technologies that will increase the supply of world protein. By providing proprietary process technology to 106 facilities globally with a combined production capacity of approximately 8.8 billion gallons of annual ethanol production and 25 million tons of distiller's grain feed co-products annually, ICM has become a world leader in bio-refining technology. The full-service provider also offers a comprehensive line of more than 100 products and services tailored to make biofuels production more efficient and more profitable. ICM is further upholding its responsibility as an industry leader by heavily investing in the continued advancement of renewable energy technologies. In an effort to speed that advance, ICM conducts research and testing at its state-of-the-art research facility in St. Joseph, MO, in conjunction with a growing list of strategic partners spanning multiple industries.

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