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ICM, Inc. Announces Issuance of Canadian Patent for its Advanced Oil Separation™ (AOS™) System

(Colwich, Kan. –August 5, 2013) – ICM is pleased to announce the issuance of Canadian Patent No. 2,799,409 for its Advanced Oil Separation™ (AOS™) System. The Canadian AOS™ patent expires 20 years from an international filing date, expiring on May 11, 2031. ICM’s AOS ™technology employs both mechanical and chemical separation and delivers significant economic value to an ethanol plant by dramatically increasing a volume of non-food grade oil recovered from the plant’s process streams. ICM’s AOS™ uses a centrifuge as a mechanical dewatering device to deliver a targeted emulsion concentrate stream for further processing by adding a polar solvent, ethanol, as an emulsion breaking-agent. The ethanol liberates oil trapped in the emulsion concentrate that would not be recovered through other conventional methods.

Kurt Dieker, ICM Director of Product Development, said: “We’re especially excited for today’s announcement because of Canada’s strength as a diversified economy that supports innovation and technology. We look forward to expanding our product line through ICM’s patented AOS™ in Canada. We’ve shown that our AOS™ proprietary process technology delivers consistent oil recovery rates, financial payback in less than 12 months, and a product that has sustained a strong customer demand.”

Brock Beach, ICM Director of Product Management & Sales, added: “We’re thrilled to receive a Canadian patent for our AOS™ because it illustrates that global business opportunities are linked to economic growth – within and beyond our borders. To date, ICM has fulfilled more than 18 contracts of our U.S. patented AOS™ system to customer plants. With our newly-issued Canadian AOS™ patent, we are pleased to continue improving and adding value for customers through our oil separation platform.”

Monique Garcia, ICM, Inc.
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