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A la gente de ICM, Inc. siempre nos da gusto ayudarle a responder cualquiera
de sus preguntas, ponerlo en contacto con la persona apropiada, o platicar sobre proyectos específicos. Ya sea que este Usted interesado en nuevos productos y servicios, deseando saber mas de nuestros avances en etanol celulósico, o saber sobre nuestra Tecnología Avanzada de Gasificación… entonces queremos escuchar de Usted!


Oficinas principales:

ICM, Inc.
P.O. Box 397
310 N. First Street
Colwich, KS 67030-0397
Teléfono: +1 316.796.0900
Fax: +1 316.796.0570


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Contact Us

We want to hear from you.

The people at ICM, Inc. are always happy to help you with answering any questions, getting you in contact with the appropriate person, or addressing specific projects. Whether you’re interested in new products and services, wanting to know more about our advances in cellulosic ethanol, or about our Advanced Gasification Technology…we’re wanting to hear from you!

Contact Us

Main Location:

ICM, Inc.
P.O. Box 397
310 N. First Street
Colwich, KS 67030-0397
Phone: Toll-Free 877.456.8588 or 316.796.0900
Fax: 316.796.0570

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Company Profile

ICM takes pride in the fact that no other company's equipment and proprietary technology are used in as many ethanol plants currently in operation throughout North America, than ICM's. Backed by the most aggressive yield, energy, and emissions guarantees in the industry, these plants collectively produce 8.8 billion gallons of ethanol annually. ICM built these plants, and today our comprehensive line includes more than 30 products and services tailored to make all forms of biofuel production more efficient and more profitable than ever.

Armed with cutting-edge engineering and design tools and a relentless pursuit of improvement, the engineers, scientists, craftsmen, and construction management specialists at ICM come to work every day to ensure that the name ICM continues to be synonymous with quality, integrity, service, and innovation . . . not just in North America, but around the globe.

  • Privately-held company headquartered in Colwich, Kansas, with a research and development facility and pilot plant in St. Joseph, Missouri
  • More than 300 full-time employees across multiple disciplines
  • 200 combined years of plant operations experience
  • 50 associates dedicated to research and development, including 20 scientists and four Ph.D.s
  • More than 345 combined years of engineering experience, including 10 P.E.s, comprise our engineering department, with engineering expertise spanning the mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, agriculture, and environmental disciplines
  • Comprehensive service capabilities
  • Ethanol facility sales and services
  • Engineering, project management, and construction
  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Global project experience including work in Argentina, Hungary, India and Mozambique, with five ethanol facilities in Canada.

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O pessoal da ICM, Inc. está sempre pronto para ajudar respondendo suas perguntas, colocando-o em contato com a pessoa apropriada ou encaminhando projetos específicos. Se você estiver interessado em novos produtos e serviços, querendo saber mais sobre nossos avanços no campo do etanol celulósico ou sobre a nossa tecnologia de gaseificação avançada...queremos escutá-lo!

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Obrigado por enviar sua consulta. Embora possamos responder a muitas consultas rapidamente, isso poderá levar até 2 dias úteis. Caso prefira ligar, nosso número é o +1 (316) 796-0900. Caso seja uma emergência e você não possa esperar, ligue para a nossa linha direta 24 horas no número +1 (877) 456-8588. Obrigado.

Localização principal:

ICM, Inc.
P.O. Box 397
310 N. First Street
Colwich, KS 67030-0397
Telefone: +1 316.796.0900
Fax: +1 316.796.0570


çoes sobre o producto:

Sistema Advanced Oil Separation™


Mission & Vision

ICM’s Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative technologies, solutions and services to sustain agriculture and advance renewable energy, including food and feed technologies that will increase the supply of world protein.

ICM’s Vision

We will:

  • Maintain our reputation of quality, integrity, and commitment to the industry.
  • Encourage creativity and the development of new technology for renewable energy.
  • Use our expertise and partner with others to make advancements in renewable energy.
  • Develop a culture of employee commitment and excellence, rewarded through personal development and incentive programs.
  • Actively support those less fortunate through charitable stewardship.


In addition to the many awards ICM’s key employees routinely receive in recognition of their contributions to the renewable energy industry, ICM has received the following awards.

  • $25M award from U.S. Department of Energy for demonstration of ICM’s cellulose-to-ethanol biorefinery in St. Joseph, Mo.
  • $1.5 M aggregate Research and Development grants from Kansas Bioscience Authority to assist with ICM’s research in gasification and conversion of cellulose to ethanol.
  • Kansas Corporation Commission Governor’s Energy Award for Outstanding Service in Renewable Energy - 2008
  • ENERGY STAR Combined Heat and Power Award recognizing Outstanding Pollution Reduction and Energy Efficiency – 2008
  • One of Wichita’s Top 10 Best Places to Work - Wichita Business Journal – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2016

Investment Opportunities

With national attention focused on the positive benefits of ethanol, ICM, Inc., has received numerous inquiries concerning investment opportunities. While we are thrilled with the positive, public response and recognition, ICM, Inc. is a privately-held company, so we do not offer stock to the public.
However, we do strongly encourage the public to help support the renewable energy industry, through direct support of the many associations that help to promote and inform the public on the benefits of renewable energy.