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Frequently Asked Questions

As a leader in the ethanol industry, ICM, Inc. strives to be a valuable resource for people seeking information about ethanol and the technology behind it. Below, we’ve compiled answers to the inquiries we receive most often. If you don’t find an answer here, please feel free to contact us for more information.


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Q. I want to build an ethanol plant. Who do I contact?

A. Our business development department can answer your initial questions and will work with you to determine if we’re able to meet your needs.


Q. Does ICM support its plants after they’re built?

A. ICM is committed to keeping our plants up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, we even offer a Plant Support 24-hour HOTLINE (877-456-8588) exclusively for ICM customers.


Q. I want to purchase a dryer/thermal oxidizer. Who do I contact?

A. Someone from our dryer team will be glad to help you.


Q. I have heard there is an ethanol plant under construction in my community. Is ICM involved?

A. ICM is involved in about two out of three ethanol plants under construction across the United States as well as several international projects. Check out our Project Portfolio to see if your plant is listed.


Q. I want to provide services to ICM. What is your procedure to get on a bidder's list?

A. Someone from our procurement team can help you.



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Q. Is ethanol OK for my car?

A. Not only is it OK, but ethanol fuel is actually good for your engine. E10 (a 10% ethanol blend) is warranted for use by every major automobile manufacturer, while E85 (an 85% ethanol blend) is for use exclusively in flex-fuel vehicles.


Ethanol Production

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Q. Is discharge water from a wastewater utility feasible to use in ethanol production?

A. Occasionally, treated effluent can be used for cooling tower makeup, but it’s not recommended for the ethanol process. The makeup of discharged pollutants is important to consider, because some dissolved minerals can cause major fouling and/or corrosion issues within a system.


Q. I know ICM is the expert when it comes to cereal grain fermentation, but what about feedstock like sugarcane, potatoes, waste wood, and switch grass?

A. Currently ICM-designed plants utilize corn, wheat, or milo, and we are researching other materials. While there are several methods to make cellulosic conversion happen, none have been proven on a commercial scale. We are currently evaluating the different methods, as well as researching our own ideas.


Human Resources

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Q. ICM sounds like a great place to work. How do I apply?

A. ICM is always looking for aggressive, creative thinkers who are excited by the challenges and rewards that innovation brings. Check out our Employment section.



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Q. What does ICM stand for?

A. While many people think ICM is an acronym, it isn’t. We like to think that ICM stands for the first choice in designing, building, and supporting ethanol plants.


Q. How does ICM support the agricultural/ethanol industry?

A. ICM supports the agricultural industry in many ways. We design plants that increase the value of corn and support rural economies. For instance, our plants maintain low operating and maintenance costs while providing operator training and a process guarantee. ICM promotes the use of ethanol at the consumer level as a member of Growth Energy. We also keep ethanol producers up-to-date on technology that can make their plants more effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Our research and development team continues to look for more efficient ways to create ethanol. And, the ICM Environmental Compliance System compiles plant environmental data in a user-friendly format that helps plants monitor their compliance with all state and federal regulations. We even help re-start plants that have previously been shut down due to various problems.


Investment Opportunities

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Q. How do I invest in ICM?

A. We’re a privately held company, so we don’t offer stock.


Logo Use

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Q. How do I get a copy of ICM’s logo?

A. Please visit the News section under Press kits for logo information.


Q. I work at ICM and want to buy some branded clothing. What website do I visit?

A. You can purchase great ICM gear online from the ICM Store. Someone on ICM’s marketing communications team will be able to help you with your user name and password.

Not sure about making a purchase without seeing the item "in person"? You can now try before you buy at the ICM Store showroom, located in the break room on the second floor of the North Campus.


Racing Sponsorships

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Q. I heard ICM sponsors race cars. Tell me more.

A. ICM sponsors several ethanol-powered race cars in an effort to demonstrate ethanol’s superior performance ability to race fans. We take applications for sponsorship requests throughout the year, and make our sponsorship decisions for the following year in early November. Those interested in sponsorship should submit proposals before October to:

ICM, Inc., Race Sponsorship

P.O. Box 397, 310 N. First Street

Colwich, KS 67030