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Banners Help

Adding Editing Banners

Before creating a new banner please create the image and upload it to the appropriate folder. See the Images Basics for details and sizes.

To access the banners (in our case the in-page banners) go to the top admin menu Components >> Banners.

ICM admin controlpanel-banners

From there you'll see a list of all available banners (published and unpublished)

To edit an existing banner click on the banner name, to add a new banner select the "New" Button from the to right menu.

ICM admin banners-main

This will take you to the individual banner page. From here you can specify/change the Banners Name Image and other Options.

ICM admin banners-indv

To Create a new Banner First Give it a Name

Assign the Group to the "Inset Banner Group 01"

Next to the image field click "Select" and select the desired image.
(if sized correctly the Width and Height do not need to be defined)

If you want the Bannert to be clickable and lead to a featured page, insert the destination URL into the "Click URL" field.

Save and close